Setting Up Occuspace

The easiest and simplest space utilization data platform to set up today

Setting up Occuspace is very simple and quick to do. It does not require any holes to be cut in walls, dedicated electrical wiring, or other custom work that is expensive and time consuming. It is possible to install our sensors to cover millions of square feet of your space in just a few hours, not days or more likely weeks/months as with other solutions. And the installation process is very easy making it possible for you to do a self-installation if you like. Or we can provide a professional installation experience with our team visiting your space and setting things up for you.

Regardless of if the installation is self-service or done professionally by our team, there are three phases to get Occuspace installed and running for your space:

  1. Configuration & Setup - Understanding floor plans, defining your space, and network setup

  2. Sensor Installation - Installing sensors physically and activating them in the Occuspace Portal

  3. Calibration - Providing head counts to fine tune data accuracy

Our account management team works with you through each of these steps which are described in detail on the following pages.

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