Using Live Data

Occuspace provides live (real-time) occupancy data for your spaces in a number of flexible ways, enabling different use cases around optimizing space management and operations processes as well as improving the visitor experience. Below are a few examples of what our customers have achieved using our live data.

  • Higher education customers use live occupancy data to report the busyness levels of their public spaces (libraries, dining halls, restaurants, recreational facilities, etc.) to their students via websites and mobile apps, allowing these students to better react to conditions and plan their day

  • A large tech company uses live data to understand building occupancy in real-time, allowing them to optimize food service operations, reduce waste, improve staffing, and ensure a strong employee experience for their on-site workforce

  • A major ski resort uses Occuspace to provide real-time information to their skiers (via a mobile app, their Website, and digital signage) around ski lift waiting times and restaurant/dining room busyness

Live data is accessible 24x7x365 via the Occuspace Portal and the Customer API, and through the Digital Signage and Waitz products.

Live Data Attributes

Each live data data point reported by Occuspace has the following attributes that can be provided across the various access methods:

  • Count - The number of people in the space at the current moment in time

  • Capacity - The overall capacity of the space

  • Percent Occupied - The percent occupied the space is at the current time based on the Count and Capacity numbers

  • Busyness Level - A textual representation of the busyness level of a space based on the Percent Occupied value, and used in externally facing functionality such as Digital Signage and the Waitz service. The following are the three possible text values that appear and their corresponding data ranges:

    • "Very busy" - Percent occupied > 80%

    • "Busy" - Percent occupied > 45% and <= 80%

    • "Not busy" - Percent occupied <= 45%

Live Data In The Occuspace Portal

The simplest way to view your real-time live data is with the Live Data module in the Occuspace Portal. You can view live occupancy data for any of your spaces using the Space Tree which will present the data to you in cards reflecting that level and any immediate children. You can also view live data for a space in the Space Details panel.

Digital Signage

Live data from your spaces can be leveraged for use in large format digital displays to help visitors to the space understand the busyness of various locations. It assists people who are looking for a quiet empty floor to study in a library, or to inform employees of the current wait time for the office cafeteria and dining room. You can set up as many Digital Signage instances as you like displaying the Live Data for specific neighborhood spaces.

Digital Signage can be set up for any of your spaces. You will receive a URL that you can use in your digital signage displays to easily display this valuable data in your locations. Contact your Occuspace Account Manager if you would like to set up Digital Signage for your account.


Occuspace offers a consolidated consumer service for providing live busyness data on public spaces for our higher education customers. The service is called Waitz, and it is used by the various student bodies of these institutions to improve their campus experience. Waitz is an easy way for universities and colleges to leverage a high quality user experience and Web platform infrastructure to provide this data without any technical expertise or setup work required. Waitz is available through branded Web pages and also through a native mobile app (available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store). Waitz serves millions of data requests each month from higher ed institutions across the United States and Canada.

Waitz can be set up for any of your public spaces if you are a higher education customer of Occuspace and want to provide your students with another way to improve their campus experience. Contact your Occuspace Account Manager if you would like to learn more and have your spaces listed on Waitz.

Customer API

Live data is also available through the Customer API which provides REST endpoints to access live data for spaces being measured by Occuspace. This method is recommended for more sophisticated user experiences where only the data points are provided by Occuspace and the customer handles all presentation needs and complexities. The Customer API is also valuable for customers looking to ingest live data into their own data stores or business intelligence platforms.

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