Visitors is a primary data set available from Occuspace that reports the foot traffic of your spaces over a given time frame. It is valuable in understanding the total number of visitors to a space and how heavily it is used. This data is useful as a primary business metric around space usage and is frequently used in budgetary allocation activities (particularly for public spaces such as libraries, dining halls, restaurants and gyms). It is also useful as a trigger metric, in real-time, for space support services (e.g. janitorial cleaning of bathrooms after a certain number of visits).

Visitors is a highly complimentary data set to Occupancy, and often helps to paint a deeper picture of the activity of a space when the two are analyzed together.

Your Visitors data is available 24x7x365 via the Occuspace Portal in the Analytics module which provides you with access to all of your data collected since installation. You can also access this data programmatically from the Occuspace Customer API.

Visitors Data Point

Visitors is the number of people who have visited a given space over a period of time. Occuspace reports each Visitor data point with a single number representing the daily counts of people who entered the defined space during that time frame.

The Visitor data set from Occuspace does not count the unique visitors of a space (i.e. accounts for multiple visits by the same individual and counts them as one). Rather the data set represents the total number of visitors to a space. Individuals who entered the space in the morning, left for lunch, and returned in the afternoon are counted as two visitors.

The Analytics module of the Customer Portal as well as the Occuspace API allow you to retrieve Visitors data points for your eligible spaces. The data points that are available in these interfaces will each have the attribute described above.

Data Reporting Intervals

Visitors data provided by the Occuspace platform is currently available at a single reporting interval of 24 hours.

Daily Visitors

For the date range selected the total numbers of visitors for each day is displayed in the chart and table.

Building Level Data Breakout

Occuspace provides Visitors data at the building level. Our sensors act as a network to detect signal activity and provide the data sets that our machine learning algorithms use to generate the actual Visitors counts provided in the Customer Portal and Customer API. And these algorithms perform best in larger spaces that have well defined physical boundaries (i.e. walls and ceilings) and where we have enough coverage of the overall building itself.

You can also compare the Visitors data of one building against up to five other buildings (or compare the Visitors data of one building against previous time ranges in the past for itself) using the Compare To functionality in the Analytics module.


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