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Higher Ed Campuses & Waitz

Occuspace originally started as Waitz, an app for university students to see how crowded the gym, library, food courts, etc., are in real-time. While Occuspace now provides many more uses with its data, helping students avoid the frustration of a crowded campus remains a passion of our team.
In the wake of COVID-19, providing this data to space users is more important than ever to empower people with knowledge about a space so they can decide if they are comfortable going to it.

The Waitz App

Waitz App
Any Occuspace client has the option of being listed on the Waitz App for no extra charge. This free app is available on iOS and Android and displays how busy your spaces are in real-time.
Students are also able to see how busy a space is expected to be and its hours of operation. No more struggling to find how late the library Starbucks is open.
Expected crowds on the Waitz App
In addition to the Waitz app, we offer a Waitz-lite version on the web.
Waitz Website

Digital Signage

Our goal for this data is to be timely and relevant to students. One of the best ways we’ve found to accomplish that is digital signage at the entrance of a building or around campus. Help students be informed without needing to navigate to any app or website.