Web Portal

Screenshot of Occuspace Web Portal
The Occuspace Web Portal allows you to access your data for all your spaces. From here, you can query all of your data, accessing a range of insights to better understand your spaces.

Real-Time Alerts

Real-Time Alerts sends notifications to select users to alert you when your spaces is above a pre-defined threshold.
Leverage the power of realtime foot traffic data to more efficiently manage space use and occupancy levels to improve visitor experience.
Alerts are sent via email and triggered based on live data for any monitored space.


The Occuspace API provides real-time and historical occupancy data for Occuspace-enabled locations.
Its RESTful interface returns JSON data for all endpoints. These endpoints provide information on the installed locations and occupancy data - both real-time count estimations - for these locations.
All requests are authenticated using Authorization Bearer tokens. Tokens are provided directly by the Occuspace team.